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Re: current kernels hang on i386 and amd64

> kernels compiled from -current source cvs updated May 22 20:18 MEST
> hang under heavy load. The i386 machine is a P4 2.8GHz, HT enabled
> w/ 2GB Ram and hangs after working some minutes on " -j8 ...
> release". "Hang" means no answer to ping, no drop to ddb, no answer
> to (PS/2-)keyboard only reset or power button helps.

While I don't know if my problem is related with this,
Dell PowerEdge1950-III w/ mfi raid-1 always hangs when
I try to reboot -- it "hung"s after saying "unmounting
file systems...". I experienced it with 2008051800002Z
i386 and amd64, booted with and without acpi.

-- Akira Kato

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