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Re: building -current fails

On Wed, May 21, 2008 at 11:34:31PM +0200, Havard Eidnes wrote:
> > I get this too when doing an unprived build.
> >
> > The ultimate cause is that a bunch of directories aren't getting added
> > to ${DESTDIR}/METALOG  - namely
> > ./stand/${ARCH}
> > ./stand/${ARCH}/${VERSION}
> > ./stand/${ARCH}/${VERSION}/modules
> >
> > e.g. on my i386 build, when I hand-added
> > ./stand/i386 type=dir mode=0755
> > ./stand/i386/4.99.63 type=dir mode=0755
> > ./stand/i386/4.99.63/modules type=dir mode=0755
> >
> > to ${DESTDIR}/METALOG then checkflist was all happy again.
> This is correctly diagnosed, ref. the comments I posted to
> source-changes earlier today.
> I committed a fix for this problem, to use it:
Yep! I applied it from your mail even before you commited the patch:
works as expected. ;-)

> I also submitted a PR (misc/38724), claiming that /stand/ is the
> wrong directory tree to use for these files (kernel modules),
> since these are not stand-alone binaries, since they depend on
> the kernel.  The PR has a few suggestions for alternatives with
> comments why one would not want either of them.  Other
> suggestions are welcome.
Hm, /kmod would be fine with me. If we don't misuse /stand, a new
toplevel dir seems to be needed if we like it or not ;-)

On the other hand on (most) machines at work I'm used to look for MI
kernel stuff in /{,usr/}kernel and for MD things in /{,usr/}platform...
But there's no /kern in the way...


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