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build speeds with current vs netbsd-4

While trying to track down a problem, I've been booting netbsd-4
and -current on an 8 core amd64 box (dual quad-core).  I thought I'd
test the time to build an i386 -j16 release with  Both
tests were done immediately after a reboot.

  netbsd-4 building -current i386 release:
  5905.500u 15390.524s 49:52.07 711.7%    0+0k 5209+1342018io  4820pf+0w
  -current (4.99.62 from 20080513) building -current i386 release:
  5363.027u  2573.479s 24:31.86 539.2%    0+0k 5254+ 452978io 55128pf+0w 

netbsd-4 is using GENERIC.MP
-current is using GENERIC + options DEBUG/DIAGNOSTIC/KMEMSTATS

Most impressive difference in results, especially the system CPU time
component.  Looks like all the recent work that has been happening is
really paying off!


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