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Re: build broken due to openssl?

> I am failing to build current (on macos 10.5), and the problem is that
> various programs fail due to warnings about libcrypto including patented
> algorithms.

That's not the reason it fails...
The showstopper is:

> /usr/obj/gdt-current/tools/lib/gcc/i386--netbsdelf/4.1.3/../../../../i386--netbsdelf/bin/ld:
>  warning:, needed by 
> /usr/obj/gdt-current/destdir/i386/usr/lib/, may conflict with 

This should have been fixed by the major shared library version
bumps I committed a while after the openssl import.  Thus, there
was a time-window where this required version bump wasn't done.
Ensure your lib/libkrb5/shlib_version is revision 1.15, and that
the rest of your tree is at least as new as that (lots of other
libraries and other stuff needed tweaking).


- Håvard

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