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Using boot.cfg

Well, I just updated my four machines from 4.99.60 to 4.99.62. Funny thing, though, only two of them display the new boot menu from /boot.cfg file. My rather ancient (3+ years) i386 laptop worked, as did my newest amd64 machine with quad-core CPU. But the two other amd64 boxes, both with "only" dual-core CPU, just gave me the same old 5-second count-

I assume I need to update some part of the boot sequence to make it find the boot.cfg stuff, but I'm another one of those who never really "got" the PC-bootstrap sequence so I'm not sure which part of things I need to update. Is it the MBR boot code from fdisk? Or secondary boot code (not sure where it lives)? Or tertiary from /boot ?


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