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Re: 4 significant issues with amd64 -current

> Issue 1:
>       Neither root nor a normal user can login.  More precisely, entering 
> proper credentials on either the serial console or via ssh seems to 
> work, insomuch as I see the NetBSD banner, and the requisite "You have 
> new mail" line.  But then instead of a shell prompt, I'm returned to the 
> login prompt.  I can't find anything in authlog (which makes sense, 
> since I did seem to authenticate properly!) or /var/log/messages.  This 
> one has me utterly stumped.

Although you appear to have found the reason for this, here's a
hint for how to get a tiny bit more info:

It sounds like some program is unexpectedly exiting, which might
be due to a signal delivery.  If you manage to put


in /etc/sysctl.conf (and boot multi-user, or enable it by hand),
you'll get such exits logged to the console, at least.


- Håvard

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