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Re: "locking against myself" with sysmon_envsys/libprop stuff

On Tuesday 2008-05-06 15:54 +0200, output:
:On Tue, 6 May 2008 07:50:28 +0200
:Juan RP <> wrote:
:> The cause is in proplib's code itself and not in sysmon_envsys.
:> yamt@ added code to detect recursive rwlocks, and it seems
:> it's catching some of them in proplib.
:I just fixed it. Please try updating src/common/lib/libprop.
:See the log message for more info.

There is still a problem here.  Problem as per "Re: LOCKDEBUG panic when
hitting the shutdown button" thread except I have it in the rc.d scripts
on boot.


#0  0xc036f6d3 in cpu_reboot (howto=260, bootstr=0x0) at 
#1  0xc016c8a9 in db_reboot_cmd (addr=-1072242227, have_addr=false, 
count=-789096640, modif=0xd0f756b0 "\023") at ../../../../ddb/db_command.c:1295
#2  0xc016c3b1 in db_command (last_cmdp=<value optimized out>) at 
#3  0xc016c6f4 in db_command_loop () at ../../../../ddb/db_command.c:566
#4  0xc016f43d in db_trap (type=1, code=0) at ../../../../ddb/db_trap.c:101
#5  0xc036b453 in kdb_trap (type=1, code=0, regs=0xd0f758cc) at 
#6  0xc03733c2 in trap (frame=0xd0f758cc) at 
#7  0xc010cedf in calltrap ()
#8  0xc0369d5c in breakpoint ()
#9  0xc02e1402 in panic (fmt=0xc050b4a3 "LOCKDEBUG") at 
#10 0xc02d9eed in lockdebug_abort1 (ld=<value optimized out>, s=0, 
func=0xc0467bbe "lockdebug_wantlock", msg=0xc04f57f3 "locking against myself", 
    at ../../../../kern/subr_lockdebug.c:713
#11 0xc02bec21 in rw_vector_enter (rw=0xcc06cfc8, op=RW_READER) at 
#12 0xc044459b in prop_dictionary_iterator (pd=0xcc06cfc0) at 
#13 0xc0444670 in _prop_dictionary_externalize (ctx=0xc2c6b060, v=0xcc06cfc0)
#14 0xc0443492 in prop_dictionary_externalize (pd=0xcc06cfc0) at 
#15 0xc04401c0 in _prop_object_copyout_ioctl (pref=0xd0f75c50, cmd=<value 
optimized out>, obj=0xcc06cfc0)
    at ../../../../../../lib/libkern/../../../common/lib/libprop/prop_kern.c:323
#16 0xc011bebd in sysmonioctl_envsys (dev=17152, cmd=3221767424, 
data=0xd0f75c50, flag=1, l=0xd0fac980) at 
#17 0xc032c84e in spec_ioctl (v=0xd0f75b40) at 
#18 0xc032579d in VOP_IOCTL (vp=0xce405264, command=3221767424, 
data=0xd0f75c50, fflag=1, cred=0xcc065f00) at ../../../../kern/vnode_if.c:562
#19 0xc032324b in vn_ioctl (fp=0xcf5dc6c0, com=3221767424, data=0xd0f75c50) at 
#20 0xc02e7da6 in sys_ioctl (l=0xd0fac980, uap=0xd0f75d00, retval=0xd0f75d28) 
at ../../../../kern/sys_generic.c:616
#21 0xc0372e22 in syscall (frame=0xd0f75d48) at 
#22 0xc010054d in syscall1 ()

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