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Via CX700 IDE


I'm running NetBSD 4.0 on my Epia box which features a Jetway motherboard with a Via CX-700 chipset. I was having troubles with the IDE chipset not being recognised, thus running with DMA disabled. After digging a bit I've discovered that -current has support for the newer chipset, but it that the ID in pcidevs is not what my dmesg was reporting (0x5324 vs 0x0581 in -current).

So, after backporting the CX700 related changesets from -current, fixing pcidevs and rebuilding its headers, I was able to compile a perfectly fine kernel.

In summary, using:

product VIATECH CX700_IDE      0x5324  CX700 IDE Controller

did the trick. I didn't even bother to try, but I'm pretty sure that a stock -current kernel wouldn't have worked on my Jetway J7F5M1G2E-VDE.

Hope this helps. It surely did help me: my 40Gb raidframe mirror is now taking 15mins to rebuild, compared to the almost 9h w/ 100% sys cpu I had before ;)


Matteo Beccati

OpenX -

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