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NetBSD on sd0 (memory) and CGD on wd0... success but


I really love NetBSD, since i started use it as desktop OS... Nowadays, i am interested in something similar to geli approach in FreeBSD one.

As first try, i have installed NetBSD onto usb memory which has only 1 GB storage... I edited fstab etc and also mounted CGD drive on local disk wd0.

Now, i assume/know that i can boot NetBSD through usb and mount /usr /var /tmp /home and swap which are actually on wd0 disk... That's not main pupose of course. So, i would like to ask NetBSD users and developers that is not it possible to setup a system that just boots from sd0 using 

/sd0a/etc/fstab ?

and then use wd0 environment.



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