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Re: Switching from IDE AHCI... reinstall necessary?

Cem Kayali wrote:

> Well, unfortunately i have 250 GB SATA hard disk without AHCI support. I
> need to enable IDE support through bios it seems.=20
> I wonder, (if it is supported in the future), and i enable AHCI, will it be
> necessary to re-install everything?

If you have more than one controller type on your system with disks
attached then I guess there's a slight chance your disks might get
renumbered.  For example, what was "wd0" before might possibly be "wd1"
or something different if your controller is matched by a different

At worst, you'd need to adjust your /etc/fstab.  I suspect that's not
too likely.  You'll defintely not need to re-install though.


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