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Re: python dumps core

This is not strictly on topic, but FWIW I haven't come across any
issues using python25.  In mk.conf, the relevant lines are:


In other words, any package that supports 2.4 will instead build with
2.5.  I have no other python versions installed.

Also, I recently ran the test suite; a vast majority of the tests
passed (including IIRC every thread test, which is pleasant--compare
that to guile, heh).  Some of the failures seemed bogus to me, i.e.
the tests have to be fixed.  I seem to remember the fcntl() test
returning EINVAL (and the test failed, so I dont think it's supposed
to do that).  I'll look into it if I get a chance, but I just thought
I'd mention my experience with it thusfar.

I'm not too familiar with python (especially the internals), but I
noticed that e.g. FreeBSD added support for a 'freebsd8' platform,
which includes a whole bunch of config.h-like information.  Does
anyone know how to generate these?  When possible, we should probably
prepare these for at least 4.0 and -current (which is a moving target,
but at this point not nearly as much as it used to be), and maybe 3.1
(if this is indeed necessary).



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