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ftpd problems (probably kernel's fault)


[ Sorry if this arrives twice, but I think the previous one was lost
  due to bad configuration. ]

I'm running NetBSD-current/amd64 as of two days ago or so, with a
kernel from today, and ftpd does not seem to work.

I can log into the machine with the anonymous user and list files,
but whenever I try to get any of them, it gets stalled at the very
beginning of the transmission (it says 0 KBs and is unable to
calculate the ETA).  In some attempt, it transferred about 32 KBs
and then got stalled.  When I cancel the transfer with ^C, ftp says:

   ftp: Can't send abort message: No buffer space available

Similarly, I've also got a stall when doing a ls of a long directory.

It does not matter if the transfers happen locally or over the network;
the problem is the same.

I've also had two panics caused by ftpd, so this seems to be a kernel
problem.  One of them said:

   Stopped in pid 24619.1 (ftpd) at netbsd:mutex_exit+0xc: cmpxchgq

   mutex_exit() at netbsd:mutex_exit+0xc
   soclose() at netbsd:soclose+0x5d
   soo_close() at netbsd:soo_close+0x1c
   closef() at netbsd:closef+0x68
   fd_close() at netbsd:fd_close+0x138
   syscall() at netbsd:syscall+0x9a

Anyone seen similar problems?


Julio M. Merino Vidal <>

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