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More lint problems...

Just updated to get the last

Cleaned out all of the tools and object directories

Tried a ' release' on port amd64 (port i386 attempt is still running)

Got the following results:
#   compile  libm/llib-lm.ln
rm -f llib-lm.ln
CC=/build/tools/x86_64/amd64/bin/x86_64--netbsd-gcc /build/tools/x86_64/amd64/bi n/x86_64--netbsd-lint -Cm e_acosf.ln e_acosh.ln e_acoshf.ln e_asinf.ln e_atan2f. ln e_atanh.ln e_atanhf.ln e_cosh.ln e_coshf.ln e_fmodf.ln e_hypot.ln e_hypotf.ln e_j0.ln e_j0f.ln e_j1.ln e_j1f.ln e_jn.ln e_jnf.ln e_lgamma_r.ln e_lgammaf_r.ln e_pow.ln e_powf.ln e_rem_pio2.ln e_rem_pio2f.ln e_sinh.ln e_sinhf.ln k_cos.ln k _cosf.ln k_rem_pio2.ln k_rem_pio2f.ln k_sin.ln k_sinf.ln k_standard.ln k_tan.ln k_tanf.ln s_asinh.ln s_asinhf.ln s_cbrt.ln s_cbrtf.ln s_erf.ln s_erff.ln s_expm1 .ln s_expm1f.ln s_fabsf.ln s_frexpf.ln s_isinff.ln s_isnanf.ln s_ldexpf.ln s_lib _version.ln s_matherr.ln s_modff.ln s_nextafter.ln s_nextafterf.ln s_round.ln s_ roundf.ln s_signgam.ln s_tanh.ln s_tanhf.ln s_trunc.ln s_truncf.ln w_acos.ln w_a cosf.ln w_acosh.ln w_acoshf.ln w_asin.ln w_asinf.ln w_atan2.ln w_atan2f.ln w_ata nh.ln w_atanhf.ln w_cosh.ln w_coshf.ln w_drem.ln w_dremf.ln w_exp.ln w_expf.ln w _fmod.ln w_fmodf.ln w_gamma.ln w_gamma_r.ln w_gammaf.ln w_gammaf_r.ln w_hypot.ln w_hypotf.ln w_j0.ln w_j0f.ln w_j1.ln w_j1f.ln w_jn.ln w_jnf.ln w_lgamma.ln w_lg amma_r.ln w_lgammaf.ln w_lgammaf_r.ln w_log.ln w_log10.ln w_log10f.ln w_log2.ln w_log2f.ln w_logf.ln w_pow.ln w_powf.ln w_remainder.ln w_remainderf.ln w_scalb.l n w_scalbf.ln w_sinh.ln w_sinhf.ln w_sqrt.ln w_sqrtf.ln lrintf.ln llrint.ln llri ntf.ln lround.ln lroundf.ln llround.ln llroundf.ln compat_cabs.ln compat_cabsf.l n cabs.ln cabsf.ln carg.ln cargf.ln creal.ln crealf.ln cimag.ln cimagf.ln conj.l n conjf.ln csqrt.ln cexp.ln clog.ln cpow.ln cephes_subr.ln csin.ln ccos.ln ctan. ln csinh.ln ccosh.ln ctanh.ln casin.ln cacos.ln catan.ln casinh.ln cacosh.ln cat anh.ln csqrtf.ln cexpf.ln clogf.ln cpowf.ln cephes_subrf.ln csinf.ln ccosf.ln ct anf.ln csinhf.ln ccoshf.ln ctanhf.ln casinf.ln cacosf.ln catanf.ln casinhf.ln ca coshf.ln catanhf.ln nan.ln nanf.ln nanl.ln -L/build/dest/amd64/usr/libdata -lc
Lint pass2:
x86_64--netbsd-lint2: /build/src/tools/lint2/../../usr.bin/xlint/lint2/read.c,86
8: input file error: cabs.ln,10 (undefined type: X u)
*** [llib-lm.ln] Error code 1

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