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Re: Possible fix for wpa_supplicant(8) WPA re-key lossage


Steve Woodford wrote:
> Since the last import back in January, wpa_supplicant(8) in 
> NetBSD-current has been unable to maintain a WPA session with a 
> wireless AP due to lossage during re-keying. The work-around thus far 
> has been to keep a wpa_cli(8) instance running for the duration of the 
> session.

I am now using bpf.c revision 1.138, which I believe contains your patch:
$ gunzip -c /netbsd | ident | grep 'bpf\.c'
     $NetBSD: bpf.c,v 1.138 2008/04/20 15:27:10 scw Exp $

And unfortunately it does not seem to be enough to fix the problem here.
Running wpa_cli in the background never worked-around it, by the way.
Here is what the status says when it's working:

Everytime I load a "heavy" web page (most Wikipedia entries are enough),
the link gets lost (and for other users of the network as well). It then
says it times out looking up 00:00:00:00:00 and connects again after a
minute or two.

I am using NetBSD/amd64 from an hour ago, with a wpi card.


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