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Re: bridge startup with clone interfaces

On 4/22/08 11:32 AM, "Alan Barrett" <> wrote:

> On Tue, 22 Apr 2008, Peter Eisch wrote:
>> I can't imagine a logic to always know what the right order might be
>> beyond physical media first, bridge last
> Creating all interfaces before configuring any interface seems sensible
> to me.  If it's not sufficient (I don't know whether it is), then we
> could invent an explicit dependency notation, similar to that used for
> the /etc/rc.d/* files.

I looked at other systems I've done and maybe there is more predictability
than what I was thinking.  So let me recant and then consider the creation
and configuration in multiple passes:

 1.  ![agr|vlan|tap|pppoe|gre|tun|gif|stf|faith|bridge]
 2.  agr
 2.  vlan
 3.  tap
 4.  pppoe
 5.  [gre|tun|gif|stf|faith]
 6.  bridge

I'm sure I missed some other pseudo types, but the logic is laid out.
Basically, the interfaces in each pass can only depend on interfaces created
in a previous pass.

Defining dependencies like the rc.d/* scripts would make the order better
defined.  It would add difficulty to the first-time users and might also
require sysinst changes as well.  First-time users might also struggle with
having to know a lot just to get a system on the 'net.

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