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NetBSD CVS Digest volume 2, issue 7

This issue:

libcurses: Add getwin() and putwin(). [Julian Coleman]

mjf-devfs2: add support to devfsd(8) and devfsctl(4) to handle wedges. Add cpuctl device registration.[Matt Fleming]

First step for X on rev. 4 Sharks - add support for mmap()ing ISA IO, legacy VGA and SVGA aperture via /dev/ttyE0 [Michael Lorenz]

Add support to show output from specified sensors in multiple devices via the -s flag (the requirement for -d is not there anymore). [Juan Romero Pardines]

You can do something like the following now:

$ envstat -s "acpibat0:charge,acpibat0:charge state,acpitz0:temperature"


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