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Crash on port-amd64

This is with a up-to-date kernel (sources updated via CVS about 8 hours ago).

While I had a './ release' running, I got the following console output:

kernel: page fault trap, code=0
Stopped in pid 11487.1 (cc1) at netbsd:kauth_authorize_action + 0x0a: call *0(%rbx)

There was a db prompt printed, too, but the keyboard (USB attached) was unresponsive, so I couldn't do any further debugging; nor could I force a crash dump.

On reboot, fsck failed in Phase 2 (Checking pathnames) with a corrupted directory - no '.' or '..' on inode 186117. And after "repairing" that, it found lots (hundreds?) of unref'd directories and files.

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