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Re: Network lossage with 4.99.59

On Thu, Apr 17, 2008 at 05:23:16AM -0700, Paul Goyette wrote:
> On Thu, 17 Apr 2008, Peter Bex wrote:
> Yes!  I'm also using nfe on the 4.99.59 system.
> Additional data points:
> 1. After the ssh session dies, further attempts to ssh from the 4.99.55 
> system to the 4.99.59 system hang after sshd forks the priv'd and non- 
> priv'd processes (the non-priv process hangs in [net]).  The [priv] copy 
> cannot be killed.  And restarting sshd does not help.

Ah, I hadn't realized it was ssh_d_ running on that machine.  Mine is a
desktop machine and I got this when connecting with ssh to another box
with a known working sshd.  It's just dropping/corrupting packets
resulting in an error on the ssh protocol level.

After working on that machine for a while I also got back randomly
scrambled images (and sometimes scrambled HTML) in Firefox.

> 2. At the same time, I had a 'make release' running on the 4.99.59 
> system.  The /usr/src directory is NFS-exported from the 4.99.59 system 
> to the 4.99.55 system.  At some point (trigger unknown), the 'make 
> release' just hung, even though the 4.99.55 system was still able to 
> look at files on the NFS volume!
> 3. Other network activity seems to work, including being able to ping in 
> both directions, and to establish a FTP session from the 4.99.55 system 
> to ftpd on 4.99.59.

Yeah, the weird thing is that old connections that are established made
before the network card starts acting all weird seem to much more stable
than new connections.

Did you try transfering big files over FTP?  Did that fail (compare checksums)?

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