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Re: NFS problems with 4.99.59 ?

On Tue, 15 Apr 2008, Paul Goyette wrote:

I'm in the process of updating from 4.99.55 to 4.99.59, and I've run into a strange problem (port-i386)...

Installing ONLY a new kernel (built from sources that were current at 10:08 UTC today), all attempts to mount remote NFS file systems (which are located on 4.99.55 systems that have not yet been updated) give me the following error:

        mount_nfs: can't access /build: Protocol not supported

Running rpcinfo against the host on which the filesystem is exported gives me

        rpcinfo: can't contact rpcbind: RPC: Success

Anyone got a hint as to what has been broken?

I'd be happy to just go ahead and re-install userland on this i386 box, but unfortunately I need to get the install sets from the NFS-accessed /build filesystem! :)

Problem solved - pilot error accidentally screwed up a couple of files in /etc (networks and netconfig).

Sorry for the noise.

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