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Re: jmide regression on amd64/current

Scott Ellis wrote:
Manuel Bouyer wrote:
On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 06:21:38PM -0700, Scott Ellis wrote:
After noticing an issue with not being able to set the MTU on my msk(4) (I think the arguments in ifioctl_common() are reversed, but that's another story), I figured I'd update from Feb 11 -current amd64 to today (March 27). Upon doing so, I find that the drive connected to jmide0 no longer is attached correctly.

Looks like an interrupt issue (the driver's interrupt handler may not be
called). Did the boot message about jmide* interrupts
change between the two kernels ?

Well, that sounds like a good theory, but aside from some differences in the probe order, it doesn't look like there's much of a change between the two.

Ideas on what files to try and revert, or if there's something in the debugger I can look at to help figure this out?

After some more experimenting, it doesn't look like it's jmide related at all: The problem occurs on whatever the first probed device is. If I disable jmide and attach all 3 drives to piixide (which is still ahcisata), then wd0 gets probed as ST506. Switching which physical drive is probed first doesn't seem to change anything...the first drive is probed wrong. This is with an April 2nd -current. Reverting back to my trusty Feb 11 kernel sees all the drives fine, and the system operates correctly.

So maybe this is some weird interrupt routing issue that cropped up? I don't know where to look. Ideas?


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