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Re: Marvell MV88F5182 and KUROBOX/PRO

Hello All,

On 01/01/2008, KIYOHARA Takashi <> wrote:
Hi! all,
A Happy New Year!!

From: KIYOHARA Takashi <>
Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2007 02:20:30 +0900 (JST)

> I could boot KURO-BOX/PRO on NFS.  KURO-BOX/PRO is NAS that kuroutoshikou
> sells, and CPU is MV88F5182 of Marvell.
>   (KURO-BOX/PRO: japanese)
> MV88F5182 is SoC.  It has GbE, SATA, USB2.0, PCI{,-x} and com, etc.
>   (88F5182 Open Document)
> I supported only GbE, timer, com now.  This source code is coming soon. ;-)

I put tarball and diff to ISP's ftp server.

I will develop in the local at a while. After setting the memory window
(DMA) is implemented, it is likely to commit it.
In addition, the print for debugging remains now.

Kiyohara-san, I have a box with the same SoC. It is D-link's DNS-323 NAS for 2 SATA2 disks. I'm able to boot NetBSD successfully and it is going to multiuser (using your snapshot dated 8th of march 2008). Thanks a lot for your work! ;) My boot log is here:

Unfortunately these boxes have a quite different hardware.  The DNS-323 box has different RTC  (m41t80) and different fan (g760a) controllers. They are both have an i2c interface and since there is already implemented iic-driver for Orion NAS (big thanks to Eiji Kawauchi-san!) I was able to write drivers for these chips. I don't know how exactly contribute the code so I've decided to attach it to this letter. Please find both drivers attached. The patch is against Kiyohara-san's snapshot.

The other difference between these boxes is a boot-loader. The u-boot in the DNS-323 doesn't provide a way to boot from the network and it doesn't initialize the ethernet card. Currently U-Boot doesn't initialize NIC's MAC address and doesn't do some stuff which is assumed to be done in case of the kurobox. So I my ethernet is not working. I am to play with NIC driver on weekend and try to investigate this issue. I've added manual MAC initialization but this didn't help.

I have a little experience in NetBSD kernel but I hope I could somehow help to finish this port.




Attachment: dns323-2-March-8-2008.tar.gz
Description: GNU Zip compressed data

? sys/dev/i2c/dns323-08032008.patch
? sys/dev/i2c/dns323-08032008.tar.bz2
? sys/dev/i2c/g760a.c
? sys/dev/i2c/g760areg.h
? sys/dev/i2c/m41_pre
? sys/dev/i2c/m41t80.c
? sys/dev/i2c/m41t80reg.h
Index: sys/dev/i2c/files.i2c
RCS file: /cvsroot/src/sys/dev/i2c/files.i2c,v
retrieving revision 1.16
diff -d -u -r1.16 files.i2c
--- sys/dev/i2c/files.i2c       2 Sep 2007 01:40:46 -0000       1.16
+++ sys/dev/i2c/files.i2c       10 Apr 2008 13:24:03 -0000
@@ -21,6 +21,16 @@
 attach m41trtc at iic
 file   dev/i2c/m41t00.c                        m41trtc
+# M41T80 Real Time Clock
+device m41t80rtc
+attach m41t80rtc at iic
+file dev/i2c/m41t80.c                          m41t80rtc
+# G760a FAN controller. Could be found in DNS-323 NAS
+device g760a: sysmon_envsys
+attach g760a at iic
+file dev/i2c/g760a.c   g760a
 # M41ST84 Real Time Clock
 device strtc
 attach strtc at iic

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