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-current Kernel crash with new openssh's sshd on cobalt qube2


Today I've cross compiled / upgraded a new kernel and userland of
today's -current sources for my cobalt qube2, so it contained the
newly imported openssh stuff.

After rebooting the qube, which went fine, I can reproducibly crash
the machine by simply trying to connect via ssh:

  NetBSD 4.99.58 (QUBE) #0: Mon Apr  7 14:34:52 MEST 2008
  Cobalt Qube 2
  total memory = 256 MB
  avail memory = 246 MB
  NetBSD/cobalt (qube) (tty00)
  trap: address error (load or I-fetch) in kernel mode
  status=0xfc03, cause=0x10, epc=0x8029c43c, vaddr=0x23
  pid=1322 cmd=sshd usp=0x7fffcd78 ksp=0xcc993c80
  Stopped in pid 1322.1 (sshd) at netbsd:mutex_enter:     ll      t0,a0,0
  db> bt
  mutex_enter+0 (23,80238a70,1,0) ra 80238a98 sz 0
  unp_discard+28 (23,80238a70,1,0) ra 80238cdc sz 32
  unp_scan+ec (23,80238a70,1,0) ra 8023adb8 sz 48
  uipc_usrreq+270 (23,80238a70,1,0) ra 80233898 sz 56
  sosend+54c (813ac968,0,cc993e18,845e6900) ra 80237a10 sz 96
  do_sys_sendmsg+360 (813ac968,0,cc993e18,845e6900) ra 80237b78 sz 192
  sys_sendmsg+5c (813ac968,0,cc993e18,845e6900) ra 802a23d0 sz 80
  syscall_plain+130 (813ac968,0,cc993e18,845e6900) ra 8029b4dc sz 80
  mips3_SystemCall+bc (813ac968,0,cc993e18,845e6900) ra 7d75c720 sz 0
  PC 0x7d75c720: not in kernel space
  0+7d75c720 (813ac968,0,cc993e18,845e6900) ra 0 sz 0
  User-level: pid 1322.1

This does not happen if i connect to my i386 machine also running
actual -current kernel and userland.

Any idea what is going wrong on/with my qube2?


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