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Re: MAKEDEV loses on update

On Sat, 5 Apr 2008 12:43:12 am Greg Troxel wrote:
> I use a script to install a built release on the running system, and one
> of the things it does is run MAKEDEV all.  For a while (in current),
> I've been seeing errors that seem to be complaints about files that
> already exist.
> MAKEDEV(8) doesn't say that one can't rerun it, and I think one has to
> to get new devices.  But, puffs is now a symlink to putter, and the old
> node didn't get removed.
> Please let me know if there's already a PR on this - I thought I'd ask
> before making a dup.  Querying the database, I didn't find any.
> I don't get this problem with
>   ./MAKEDEV -m /sbin/mknod all
> So should pax be given some argument to force replacing the file?  Or is
> the use of pax limited to empty directories?

This seems to have been the case since pax was introduced. I did mention it on 
the list and provided the output but the response what that it was expected 
behaviour. I've overcome it by specifying -f which I believe invokes mknod 
anyway. My concern is when using etcupdate, will the required devices be 
regenerated when a device of the same name exists, this may be as simple as a 
permissions update.


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