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Re: -current dmesg changes: aprintification adding spaces; findroot error

In article <>,
Thomas Klausner  <> wrote:
>After updating my current from March 29 to April 6, I get the
>following changes in dmesg output:
>-attimer1: io 0x40-0x43
>+attimer1:  io 0x40-0x43
>-hpet0: mem 0xfefff000-0xfefff3ff irq 0,8
>+hpet0:  mem 0xfefff000-0xfefff3ff irq 0,8
>-pcppi1: io 0x61
>+pcppi1:  io 0x61
>-fdc0: io 0x3f0-0x3f5,0x3f7 irq 6 drq 2
>+fdc0:  io 0x3f0-0x3f5,0x3f7 irq 6 drq 2
>-com0: io 0x3f8-0x3ff irq 4
>+com0:  io 0x3f8-0x3ff irq 4
>-lpt0: io 0x378-0x37f irq 7
>+lpt0:  io 0x378-0x37f irq 7
>Looks like something went wrong in an aprintification...
>Also, after finding my raid devices, I get a new error message:
>+findroot: unable to read block 102398311
>The boot completes successfully though.
>What does that message mean?

Perhaps a bad block on the disk? Or some stray debugging.


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