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ifwatchd misses pppoe0 up event in -current after changes on March 26/27th


-current changes on March 26/27th changed kernels timing/signal
behavior of my cobalt qube2's pppoe0 interface for ifwatchd.

Formerly a simple/final

  inet up

in /etc/ifconfig.pppoe0 produced a

  /usr/sbin/ifwatchd[131]: calling: /etc/ppp/ip-up pppoe0 ...

call later on.

Now, with the same config, pppoe0's associating with my isp no longer
produces an ifwatchd calling.

I can workaround this problem by appending

  !/bin/sleep 4

at the end of/etc/ifconfig.pppoe0, so that the event

  pppoe0: connected to XXXXXX

happens _before_ /etc/rc.d/ifwatchd is started.

Otherwise, ifwatchd is missing pppoe0's up event.

Is this an intended change of/in -current?


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