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Re: problem w/ libm on vax

On Wed, 19 Mar 2008, Kurt Schreiner wrote:

On Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 06:29:32PM +0100, Matthias Drochner wrote: said:
/u/NetBSD/arch/vax/dest/lib/ undefined reference to `_hypotf'

This is likely related to sone namespace protection I added
a while ago, for functions which are used internally within
Could you please add something like

#include "../src/namespace.h"
#ifdef __weak_alias
__weak_alias(hypotf, _hypotf)

to the relevant functions in noieee_src?

It takes a little bit more than this. The float versions of these functions did not exist for noieee_src and vax. In addition, two of
the functions are implemented in assembly for the vax.

No idea if this "solution" has something to do with "The Right
Thing To Do" ;-)

Definitely not the right way - at the least, the manual pages and include file will not get installed, and the build will fail. This would require making a bunch of machine-dependant changes in the set lists.
A simple workaround would be to only include the source files for non-vax
in the lib/libm/complex/

  The right solution is to provide the missing float functions and do the
appropriate namespace/weak_alias stuff.  Also, two of the functions are
actually in lib/libm/arch/vax (the versions in noieee_src aren't used).

I've made these changes and just committed them, so the vax tree should build correctly now.

Michael L. Hitch              
Computer Consultant
Information Technology Center
Montana State University        Bozeman, MT     USA

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