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Re: httpd: _lwp_ctl: Cannot allocate memory

Sarton O'Brien wrote:
Starting local daemons:Starting Webmin server in /root/webmin-1.310
perl: _lwp_ctl: Cannot allocate memory

Does this look like a bug to you or could this be caused by the offending products (perl and httpd in this case)? ... As in, could it be caused due to my neglect (recompiling after something core has been altered) or do you recognise how this message might be generated?

I thought I'd ask before I assume either.

Sorry, I answered my own question and it seems recompiling doesn't change anything.

The apache22 error log and messages are littered with:

httpd: _lwp_ctl: Cannot allocate memory


Mar 17 15:44:14 www /netbsd: pid 13638 (httpd), uid 1003: exited on signal 8 (core not dumped, err = 1)

Curiously, I have another domu on another box with a kernel from the same source but with an older userland (feb 25th) that hasn't had an error yet, though, it may be related to the relatively low load on apache within this particular domu.


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