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Re: Asus EeePC Wifi Support

On Mon, 3 Mar 2008, Matt Fleming wrote:
after receiving some emails about the state of the eeepc's wifi support
in NetBSD I decided to make this patch public,

The patch is based on the madwifi ticket,
There's been reported success with this patch and I've been running it
for nearly 2 months. It's a patch against the -current branch.

Feedback is welcome.

I think we could do with restructuring ath and contrib/dev/ath so that an alternative HAL and (if necessary) a struct translatation layer can be specified. This means that we could specify a different HAL (the HAL in your patch requires has the relevant struct re-arranged) in a kernel config file (in a similar way to specifying a different vesafs splashscreen), e.g.

OPTIONS         ATH_HAL_PATH="contrib/dev/ath_eee"


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