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Re: vax -current kernel trouble

David Brownlee wrote:
On Mon, 18 Feb 2008, Henry Bent wrote:

Hi all,

I'm aware that vax may not be considered very stable right now, but at least a kernel builds again. This looks to be the work of Matt Thomas so Matt, if you're reading this, thank you very much!

On to the problem. A -current kernel will begin booting, but as soon as it prints the memory sizes it drops right back to the ROM monitor. It looks like:

VAXstation 3100/m{30,40}
cpu: KA41/42
cpu: Enabling primary cache, secondary cache
total memory = 8060 KB
avail memory = 6076 KB

and then I immediately get returned to the monitor. The next line should be

mainbus0 (root)

I compiled a kernel with DEBUG on but didn't see any change at all. How should I go about debugging this?

    The brute force option is to start dropping printf() lines in to
    see exactly where its failing. I assume your familiar with
    crosscompiling just the kernel to test changes? Its unfortunate
    its not ending up in DDB which would make debugging this much
    easier :/

I've been compiling only the tools and the kernel recently, on the assumption that if the kernel doesn't work there is certainly no need to bother with a userland.

Here's a pseudo-backtrace of what I found with printf():


At this point I'm in a bit over my head with respect to debugging further. Any suggestions would be welcome.

-Henry Bent

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