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Are you working on your Summer of Code application already?

NetBSD participated successfully in Google's summer of code 2005, 2006 and
2007. We hope there will be another summer of code and we will be part of it
in 2008.

If you are a student, and interested in working with the open source community,
now is a good time to find a nice project and prepare your application. We
have gathered some suggestions at

and will probably extend this list further. If that list does not include
anything you like, you can, of course, come up with your own suggestion -
or check the list at

and find a derivative project, or a smaller version of something suggested

A few weeks ago I ran into a computer science student who never had heard
of Google's summer of code - so let me try to summarize in short why it
is important for you to apply, and especially with a NetBSD project:

 - you will get a paid, full-time summer job
 - you will benefit from full support by NetBSD's high class mentoring
 - most likely your project (if successful) will be integrated into the
   NetBSD code base
 - a successful SoC project will be a big plus on your curriculum vitae

We have tried to make a large scale of easy as well as pretty complex project
suggestions, and we seriously do want applications for the easier ones - so
don't be shy if you think you will not be up to the rocket science projects,
this is a program for people starting in the open source world!

If you find some interesting project, please contact the person or mailing
list given on the projects page, or the list that seems to be the best fit.

Looking forward for lots of new students working on NetBSD...


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