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Re: Anyone tried an eSATA expresscard (successfully)?

On 11 Feb 2008, at 18:24, wrote:

On Mon, Feb 11, 2008 at 01:44:37AM +0100, Johan Ihren wrote:
I'm looking for options for how to increase myagregated disk bandwidth in a laptop. Well, for all purposes this is a server, except that I got a laptop
instead as I need to bring it along when travelling. Downside to
laptop-as-server today is a noticable absence of SATA extra ports or other
high speed / cheap disk attachments.

USB or FW400 is of course available, but way slower than the built in SATA
disk. And then I suddenly noticed that eSATA expresscard thingies are
beginning to appear (Belkin has one, as does someone called "LYCOM" as well
as "SUNIX"), and that ought to be excactly what I want.

Has anyone ever tried one of these? Is there any hope of this "just
working" because we support a bunch of SATA controllers and the rest is
just PCI-Express?

Most of these cards are probably using a Silicon Image SiI3531 or SiI3132, or a Jmicron AHCI controller. The SiI chips have a forthcoming driver.
AHCI is already supported by ahcisata(4).

Yes, but then I suppose we need support for the expresscard thingy itself, just like we do for cardbus. And probably an expresscard version of the driver just like there's a cardbus version of everything.


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