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Re: xemacs & recent -current seems unstable

Christos Zoulas wrote:
In article <>,
Frank Kardel  <> wrote:
Hi *,

has anyone also observed a serous instability with xemacs-21.4.17.
With recent -current (20080118) I get pretty fast xemacs
assertion failures like these:
Fatal error: assertion failed, file extents.c, line 833, foundp

Fatal error (6).

On older systems I seem to remember this xemacs being stable.
version 21.4.21 (fresh compiles) exhibits similar behavior.
also 21.4.13 compiled for i396-4.99.31 fails.

It sees strange that xemacs starts to act up.

We have signal blocking issues.


ok will retry when fixes in that area appear the the repo. emacs seems to be less affected.


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