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Re: Machine livelock with latest (4.99.48) kernel on sparc64

On 05/01/2008, Michael Lorenz <> wrote:
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> Hello,
> On Jan 5, 2008, at 03:11, Rafal Boni wrote:
> > I just rebooted my trusty Netra T1 with a shiny new 4.99.48 kernel and
> > thought I'd kick off a userland build.  Things seemed to go swimmingly
> > for a few minutes, then the machine ground to an un-usable state --
> > userland seems to be mostly non-responsive, though the machine is
> > pingable, answers a ^T at a tty (well, it seems to be wedged harder
> > now.. it did for a while after the apparent lockup), and the disk
> > sounds
> > like progress is being made on the build.
> >
> > But, I can't get any echo from a tty anymore, and god forbid I should
> > want to log in ;)
> >
> > Anyone seeing anything similar?  Should I go back to the last-known-
> > good
> > kernel for a while? ;)

I had similar yesterday on a i386 - under 4.99.46 I managed to a release, then just to be sure installed GENERIC and
rebooted the machine under 4.99.48 with 4.99.46 userland - no issues.
Then I did a full update, which was fine with the exception of a panic
on reboot of INSTALL_LARGE; first boot of 4.99.48 hung on starting GDM
(Xorg was working fine before the full update); I had to reset and on
the second boot I found myself in a similar situation as yours - it
could not finish through /etc/rc, the machine responded to pings, most
of the rest was hanging.

I had to actually switch off the machine - and guess,  it has been
running fine ever since with the latest kernel.

Not very useful, but there you are. I tried to reproduce the same
problem again, but it did not happen any more.

> Are you using lfs? I see something similar on a dual G4 Mac with OBJ
> and TOOLS on an lfs partition, a userland build reliably triggers it,
> processes hang solid when accessing stuff on lfs, can't be killed and
> the fs can't be unmounted.

I have lfs only on an external IEEE1394/USB2 disk (usually accessed
via the former, but mounted only on demand, so this was not the reason
in my case).

> have fun

desperately trying...

> Michael
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