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Refer to top_srcdir/top_builddir from a built test


Still on my way to build tests with ATF/Kyua for my project, I wonder if there is a way to refer to $(top_srcdir)/$(top_builddir) from the inside of a test.

At first, I simply though to use 'getenv("top_srcdir")' and throw it into a string (I'm using the C++ interface). But, it seems that Kyua is running with a fresh environment of the user (and, thus, do not contain a reference to $(top_srcdir)/$(top_builddir) variables.

Somehow, this is the __RUNNING_INSIDE_ATF_RUN=internal-yes-value which is causing this isolation.

So, I might have missed something in the documentation, but I wonder either if:

- Is there a way to pass values for some environment variables to the context of execution of the test through kyua options ?

- Or, if not, is there a way to deactivate the isolation (which would be a pity because the other features are quite useful).

Emmanuel Fleury

Don't forget that Linux became only possible because 20 years of OS
research was carefully studied, analyzed, discussed and thrown away.
  -- Ingo Molnar

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