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Re: Running tests with different path for Kyuafiles and binaries ?

On 06/08/2012 06:37 PM, Julio Merino wrote:

I do not get the problem here. You just want to distinguish the location of
the two rootdirs, nothing more.

Correct, if that's the only thing you want to permit.  But allowing
*arbitrary* paths in the atf_test_program definitions would be
non-trivial and have some other nasty side-effects in the current

I think that arbitrary paths is way over my need here... and not really necessary. So, it would be a lot of programming for nothing.

And, as Jukka said, you may want to get your source rootdir at a location, your test binaries rootdir at some others and, then, your built software at some others.

Having the possibility to tell kyua where is the rootdir for Kyuafile and where is the rootdir for test executable should solve also this issue as well (if I did get it well, at least).

Filed .  It sounds
very useful (particularly to kill some ugly chunks of code!), so I'll
try to do this for 0.5.

Okay, I'll do this today or tomorrow. But, I guess it definitely worth it to ask here first, just in case I missed something when I read the documentation. :)

Thanks a lot for your quick reply.

Emmanuel Fleury

Why do programmers get Halloween and Christmas mixed up?
Because OCT(31) == DEC(25).
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