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Re: failure in NetBSD while running as root

On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 5:31 PM, Jeff Rizzo <> wrote:
> All I can see at this point is that atf-run itself seems to quit at the end
> of that test, even if I remove the cleanup (which seems to fail, because
> things have already been unmounted).

Unfortunately, I can't get much information from the messages you provided :-(

Are you running very -current sources?  There was a bug-fix for
atf-run recently, although I don't think it's related.  That said, the
code in atf-run is utterly convoluted so I'm wouldn't be surprised to
find other bugs in it or if the mentioned bugfix resolved your issue.

Do you see the problems if you run atf-run by itself?  (I.e. no
atf-report involved.)  A raw trace of that would be more useful.

Also, what happens if you run t_pssfs by hand?  Does the test work or
it fails?  (mkdir foo ; ../t_psshfs inode_nos ; ./t_psshfs

Given that these tests require root, I presume there is no chance of
getting access to the machine for "on the field" tests ;-)

Julio Merino / @jmmv

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