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failure in NetBSD while running as root

I've just fixed my macppc box to the point where the modules tests no longer cause it to panic, so I want to begin running tests as root. However, the first time I tried it, I got:

fs/psshfs/t_psshfs (94/364): 3 test cases
inode_nos: atf-run: ERROR: XXX: Cannot get information of /tmp/atf-run.13422p/mnt; lstat(2) failed: Device not configured
atf-report: ERROR: 5236: Unexpected token `<<EOF>>'; expected start of test
atf-report: case

...but if I run it from /usr/tests/fs, everything passes.

I see the same failure on runs #1242 and #1313 of pgoyette's amd64 tests:

...which leads me to believe it's some sort of intermittent problem, and that someone might know what's up. So... anyone know what's causing this? :)



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