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Re: Building ATF on OpenBSD box

Hey Julio,

Am Mi, 14.04.2010, 10:09, schrieb Julio Merino:
> On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 11:12 PM, Sven Dehmlow 
> <>
> wrote:

>> The warnings we're talking about are thrown from ld. Perhaps -Werror
>> doesn't affect ld at all? Or the gcc-4.2 from the ports system uses a
>> different configuration than that one in OpenBSD base?
>> I'm not sure why, but gcc/g++ 4.2 build atf with -Werror enabled.
> Ah, I see.  The warnings are coming from a library itself  I'm not
> sure how these are bundled in there, but they are not related to
> -Werror.

There is a good paper about string functions in OpenBSD:

However, I think it's not important to figure out where the ld warnings
exactly come from, but to fix them ... (at least in the OpenBSD port) :D

>>> And paste the build.log.  I'm curious to see what the compiler and
>>> linker warnings are.
>> I attach the build.log file.
> Thanks!

You're welcome. It took about 5 minutes ... not that much work :)

> How is the port coming along?

Well, I'm a busy and lazy bum ... ;)

I hope to get it done during the weekend.
(It's not that straight forward as we've a compiler dependency ...)

Best regards


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