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Re: Building ATF on OpenBSD box

Hey Julio,

Short: Works :)

Long story:

I figured out how to build ATF in OpenBSD 4.6:

- Install the g++ 4.2 and gcc 4.2 packages (OpenBSD ships with gcc/g++
3.3.5 but has packages for newer versions.)

- Set the CC and CXX environment variables to use gcc 4.2 and g++ 4.2

- solve the "const const" thingy

- Tell the compiler to be not such a pedant:

configure --disable-developer ...
make install

LD (linker) still complains a lot about using unsecure (error-prone)
string functions and stuff, but: Builds :)

Currently I'm working an a port* of ATF and hope to find some time to fix
the LD warnings. I guess better string functions won't hurt ... ;)

Best regards


* OpenBSD's package system

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