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Re: errors on make check

On Sat, May 17, 2008 at 6:50 AM, Julio M. Merino Vidal 
<> wrote:
> On May 16, 2008, at 21:22 , Marc Spitzer wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am trying to make a port for atf on freebsd.
> Great!
>>  The compile seems to
>> work fine but I have had two problems when I tried to test, gmake
>> check, and they are:
>> 1: could not find the default tools directory, ./tools.  Fixed by
>> adding to path
> This is normal.  make check is supposed to use already-installed tools;
> attempting to run it against the binaries in the source tree is just asking
> for failure.  Yes, I know that the INSTALL document says that make check
> goes before make install... but that is wrong.
> By the way, you mention gmake.  Doesn't the build of ATF work with the
> native make in FreeBSD?

I did not try, I see a configure script I use gmake.  I am trying
system make now, it did compile.

>> 2: ./tools/atf-config and ./tools/atf-run do not like what they are
>> being fed by "gmake check":
>> / /usr/ports/devel/atf/work/atf-0.5/tools/atf-config
>> --version
>> atf-config: ERROR: Unknown option --.
>> atf-config: Type `atf-config -h' for more details.
>> / /usr/ports/devel/atf/work/atf-0.5/tools/atf-run
>> --version
>> atf-run: ERROR: Unknown option --.
>> atf-run: Type `atf-run -h' for more details.
> That's not a problem.  Autotest assumes that the world is GNU and that
> programs will print a version identifier if fed them the --version argument,
> which the ATF tools do not support.  This is just done for informational
> purposes and the errors are non-fatal.

Ok learn something new every day.

> The test suite is failing because you are running it against non-installed
> tools.

I do not know how much work it would be to make it work against
itself, it would be a good final check before installing.

> Hope this helps and thanks for working on the package.

Well credit where it is due, writing the software is much more work, thank you.

now off to figure out the rest of packaging.


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Albert Camus

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