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errors on make check


I am trying to make a port for atf on freebsd.  The compile seems to
work fine but I have had two problems when I tried to test, gmake
check, and they are:

1: could not find the default tools directory, ./tools.  Fixed by
adding to path

2: ./tools/atf-config and ./tools/atf-run do not like what they are
being fed by "gmake check":

/ /usr/ports/devel/atf/work/atf-0.5/tools/atf-config --version
atf-config: ERROR: Unknown option --.
atf-config: Type `atf-config -h' for more details.

/ /usr/ports/devel/atf/work/atf-0.5/tools/atf-run --version
atf-run: ERROR: Unknown option --.
atf-run: Type `atf-run -h' for more details.

Thanks for the help, full testsuite.log is attached

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