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ANNOUNCE: ATF 0.5 released


I am very pleased to announce the availability of ATF's fifth public
release, 0.5, which is probably the one with the most code changes so
far.  The main goal of this release is to provide a C-only binding to
write test cases, completely freeing the developers of the use of C++.
This new C library weights at around 7000 lines and the C++ library
has lost around 1000 due to the fact that it now reuses code in the C
library.  Another important change of this release is the relicensing
of the complete code base under a 2-clause BSD license.

The major changes in this release are:

* Clauses 3 and 4 of the BSD license used by the project were dropped.
  All the code is now under a 2-clause BSD license compatible with the
  GNU General Public License (GPL).

* Added a C-only binding so that binary test programs do not need to
  be tied to C++ at all. This binding is now known as the atf-c library.

* Renamed the C++ binding to atf-c++ for consistency with the new atf-c.

* Renamed the POSIX shell binding to atf-sh for consistency with the new
  atf-c and atf-c++.

* Added a -w flag to test programs through which it is possible to
  specify the work directory to be used.  This was possible in prior
  releases by defining the workdir configuration variable
  (-v workdir=...), but was a conceptually incorrect mechanism.

* Test programs now preserve the execution order of test cases when they
  are given in the command line.  Even those mentioned more than once
  are executed multiple times to comply with the user's requests.

The checksums for atf-0.5.tar.gz are:

* MD5: b1d078b716e344bcf65f735cd74dc5d8
* SHA1: 63cb8541608518cdb214a10e71228d3e8c8af514
* SHA512: f78cce89 bfa34810 9e4bbd5c 20ea1930 8f8e3c4a 835b22cc
          60e0e300 d243f98a ab4180ac 28673767 f34bbddf 1ad36acc
          7569f483 0773d391 c5a38df4 1d6883a2

As usual, you can download this release from the web site at:

And you can get more information about the project at:


Julio M. Merino Vidal <>

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