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ctwm default welcome image

On NetBSD 9.3, a ctwm welcome image shown on startup was
replaced from the default one to the "NetBSD flag" image:

> 	Scr->WelcomeImage  = GetImage (CTWM_WELCOME_FILE, WelcomeCp);
> 	if (Scr->WelcomeImage == None)
> #endif

> CPPFLAGS+=		-DCTWM_WELCOME_FILE=\"xpm:${X11INCDIR}/X11/pixmaps/NetBSD-inv.xpm\"

On the other hand, these our local changes seem lost on ctwm 4.0.3
import, maybe due to reorganization of upstream source code structures:

Then -current and netbsd-10 use the default ctwm welcome image.
Is this (visible) change intentional?
(IMO, the default welcome.xwd is not so cool..)

Izumi Tsutsui

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