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Re: amdgpu crash

Tobias Nygren <> wrote:
>On Sun, 13 Aug 2023 17:32:31 +0100
>Robert Swindells <> wrote:
>> System panicked: kernel diagnostic assertion "((mutex->wwm_state != WW_WANTOWN) || (mutex->wwm_u.ctx->wwx_owner != curlwp))" failed: file "../../../../external/bsd/drm2/linux/linux_ww_mutex.c", line 1023 
> I've had this crash every now and then, but thusfar have not seen it
> after this fix:
> Do you have that version in your kernel?

I do have that version of the file in the kernel that crashed.

Still have the core dump but haven't done any more than print the stack
trace yet.

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