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Re: font stuff

Robert Swindells <> writes:

> What would be needed to be updated to make base X11 usable by pkgsrc,
> or changed in pkgsrc to make it less strict?

You can look at and in various dirs.

Looks like > 2.8.1.

However my netbsd-9 system has 2.10.4 but I have pkgsrc freetype2

There might be confusion with freetype2 version and shlib version.

Generally, those versions are set because they have features that
various programs expect.  It's a real mess to have a blend of
pkgsrc/base for a program, so the required version tends to be high
enough to satisfy almost all pkgsrc users, except, more or less by
definition, those pkgsrc packages that are some blend of not important
and unreasonable in their requirements.

I do not think it is likely we would want to introduce more base/pkgsrc
conflicts to accept something released most of 3 years ago.

The way to understand is to explore the vars with make show-vars and
figure out what's being forced.   I didn't immediately succeed.

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