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Re: Fonts (Was: CVS commit: xsrc/external/mit)

On Mon, May 09, 2022 at 05:51:14 +1000, matthew green wrote:

> > I would guess someone with a high-DPI display is very likely to want
> > to use scaleable fonts and a more modern desktop environment, so Xt
> > resources will not apply to them anyway :)
> you'd guess wrong about me in this case.  :)
> my uhd laptop is quite problematic for fonts and i use ctwm.

I'm not sure I can parse this properly.  I assume you mean you use
ctwm, therefore you are limited to bitmap fonts for ctwm, therefore
you suffer from using bitmap fonts (at least for ctwm) on high-DPI?

BTW, why don't we use a WM that *does* grok scalable fonts in the
first place if high-DPI, large TVs etc are indeed a concern? :) We do
ship with ttf rasterizer in the base.


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