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Removing extsrc: (was Re: Proposal: Deprecate (or rename) extsrc/)

On 22-01-07 12:47, Luke Mewburn wrote:
  | I propose that we deprecate or remove the "extsrc/" tree,
  | as the name name-complete conflicts with "external/".
  | The "external/" tree was added in mid 2008.
  | A lot of the in-tree third-party source is now in this tree,
  | and developers need to traverse this tree a lot.
  | The "extsrc/" tree was added in late 2009.
  | Nothing in tree uses "extsrc/"; it's a placeholder for third-party
  | vendors to hook into the build for their own extensions.
  | There's no reason a vendor can't just integrate into the build
  | with local changes - that's what Wasabi Systems did in the early 2000s.
  | (Also, if I recall correctly, "extsrc/" without much consultation).
  | If some people require the "extsrc/" functionality in tree, then I propose:
  | 1) A good case to retain the functionality should be made by them.
  | 2) A better name than "extsrc/" should be chosen, that's not
  |    going to cause completion rage. Maybe "3rdparty"?

I only received support for removing extsrc.
There were no comments to retain as-is or to retain with a different directory name.

As such, I propose to completely excise extsrc from the build.
This includes:
1. Makefile: remove do-extsrc target.
2. remove options -y and -Y extsrcdir .
3. distrib/sets: remove support for extsrc in various tools
   including the options -L ext and -y, and the extsrc sets.
4., (etc.): remove support for extsrc/, EXTSRCSRCDIR, MKEXTSRC.
5. BUILDING: remove docs for extsrc/, EXTSRCSRCDIR, MKEXTSRC, ...
6. extsrc/: remove the directory.

I'll do this in the next few days.


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