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Re: disable HPN in sshd for the -10 branch? (Greg Troxel) writes:

>I view HPN as not the standard approach; it hasn't been merged upstream
>and PSC's agenda does not even seem to include merging any of it
>upstream -- which I see as a huge clue.

Looks more like upstream was never interested and PSC gave up.

Part of the HPN patches is to optionally strip encryption (and now even
integrity checks) for the data transfer. Doesn't fit into what
the OpenSSH people want, not even as an option.

The last version now renamed the binaries and (so far) you only have the
patched sources on github, no patches against openssh-portable. This
feels more like a fork.

If we had a plain openssh-portable otherwise, I'd say remove the patch
and provide a hpnssh package, but we probably want NetBSD adaptions
then in the package too.

>My quick reaction is that unless we are confident that the HPN patches:

In the current state our in-tree version doesn't work correctly and often
makes things slower. I should test the github version if that's a problem
with our patch handling or with NetBSD itself.

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