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Re: disable HPN in sshd for the -10 branch?

nia <> writes:

> I've heard some reports that the HPN-SSH patches to sshd are
> not quite working as well as expected, with some users getting
> mildly worse results.  They're apparently supposed to improve
> performance:
> With "HPNDisabled" in sshd_config I notice no particular difference
> in sshd performance, but I don't have access to any particularly
> amazingly large machines currently.

I view HPN as not the standard approach; it hasn't been merged upstream
and PSC's agenda does not even seem to include merging any of it
upstream -- which I see as a huge clue.

My quick reaction is that unless we are confident that the HPN patches:

  - make things better (or neutral) for almost everybody
  - have zero downsides

then it is just as well to have them disabled by default in the config
file.  People with massively fast networks with long delays but no
congestion generally know who they are.

But it would be very interesting to hear test results from people both

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