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Re: ZFS - mounting filesystems (Was CVS commit: src/etc)

On 3/17/2022 5:52 AM, Taylor R Campbell wrote:

> Does anyone actually do this -- have local mounts on top of remote mounts?

> I keep hearing about the theoretical possibility of /usr on nfs and /usr/src or /usr/local on local ffs.

Not directly relevant to NetBSD, but the standard (IIRC) setup on the NeXT had a shared NFS-mounted / with a UFS /private mounted on top of it.  /etc, /var and /tmp were symlinks to /private/{etc,var,tmp} , so an individual NeXT could be in a separate administrative domain from the file server.  MacOS retains /private, and though I have never set one up that way, I can easily imagine it being the preferred setup for a compute farm.

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